Excalibur is dedicated to the preservation of our planet's precious resources through the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices. The following are a variety of ways in which Excalibur has implemented this dedication throughout the property and in its operation.

Excalibur Unlocks Green Key Certification

Excalibur was recently awarded 4 out of 5 keys in the Green Key Eco-Rating program. Managed by Green Key Global, the Green Key environmental certification is the North America’s most prestigious rating program that certifies hotels based on green practices.

Energy Management

We reduced electricity usage by 7 million kilowatt hours by replacing 38,000 incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. That's enough electricity to power 326 average-sized homes for a year. We reused sheets and towels during stays when guests choose to participate in our energy-saving efforts, cutting water and power usage. We replaced the hot water distribution system with energy-efficient technology and installed high-efficiency burners on the lead hot water boiler, reducing our carbon emissions by 500 tons a year.

We saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water just by changing the way we defrost Cornish game hens. Instead of running cold water over frozen birds to defrost them just before cooking, the birds are moved from the freezer to the refrigerator the day before. Same result using far less water.

Green Building

Excalibur became the first chemical-free hotel operation in the country to use a new water-based cleaning system. Guests, employees and the water system are no longer exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals and the potentially hazardous disposal of the chemical packaging has been eliminated.

Recycling and Waste Management

What do you do with 10 tons of garbage every day? Excalibur sorts it all and recycles the cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic, paper and

kitchen grease. Excalibur's unique recycling system captures waste and recyclables from all areas of operations including casino, hotel, pool, restaurants and meeting spaces. We stopped putting telephone directories in guest rooms, eliminating tons of paper that had to be recycled every year and saving transportation, printing and labor costs.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We've reduced transportation energy and emissions.

Our purchasing department and the team at the loading dock have consolidated our suppliers to reduce the number of trucks that deliver to Excalibur and changed the delivery hours to encourage fewer trips per supplier.

Outreach and Education

An electronic newsletter featuring sustainability tips for the home is distributed monthly to all employees.

All of our job applications, and most hiring-related communications, are now issued online to eliminate paper use.


Thank you for supporting our dedication to sustainability and helping us make a difference.