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Open until 7 PM

Drenched Bar & Grill

Dive into the season!

Drenched Bar & Grill offers the latest in casual poolside dining featuring American fare and a full-service bar. Lunch often comes too quick. Satisfy that grumbling stomach and indulge in your favorite foods including juicy hamburgers, cheesy pizza, and crisp waffle fries that you won't be able to get enough of.

Excalibur Exclusive Whiskey

Available Now at: Lobby Bar, The Lounge, Sherwood Bar, Sports Book Bar, Sword in the Stone, and Big Chill.

Our Exclusively selected barrel is one of a kind. The barrel was selected by our Executive Committee who chose this barrel because of its subtle complexities of Oak, dark cherry and Caramel flavors.


Walking Directions

From Front Desk

Walk towards the casino floor. Make a right on the walkway by the table games and head towards the Resort Tower Rooms. Once out the glass doors the spa and pool entrance will be on your left. Walk straight through to the pool area and Drenched Bar & Grill will be on your left.